Crystal White PS3 coming to Canada (Update)


The latest news in Canada-exclusive consoles is Sony’s Crystal White PlayStation 3. The redesigned model in the new arctic colour has actually come to Europe, Japan, and Australia, but only in the 320GB variety, while Canada will be getting a larger 500GB model.

The unit also comes with a one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus, a service we ranted and raved about (with good reason), and probably the biggest selling point of the console if you don’t already have one.

The white console will have the usual cables and DualShock 3 controller in the package, but no other frills. No games or a Blu-ray remote inside the box, though you will have those awesome game downloads. Of course, if you’ve already got a Vita, this one year subscription to PlayStation Plus will do wonders for that, too.

The bundle will cost a penny under $300 and will be available January 27th. No word on a wider release of this model, but it’s safe to say it’s yet another Canadian exclusive.

Update: It appears that Sony had a last minute change of heart and is calling the new colour “Classic White,” despite all assets we’ve seen with the Crystal moniker. The bundle is also no longer a Canadian exclusive and will also be available Stateside at the dates noted above.