Our Favourite Sites: Devour

Devour Top Bar

Our Favourite Sites is a series on Eggplante that we’ve grown to love. We visit the sites that we feature many times per week, if not many times per day. It helps us really drill down to understand just why we love the stuff we do. Today is one of the sites we hold in highest regard because of its sheer simplicity. Our latest favourite site is Devour.

A sister site to Uncrate, which we featured in the last entry in the segmentDevour quite simply and beautifully collects some of the best videos from around the web and posts them in a functional grid on its homepage. That’s it. No big deal. Just videos.

But awesome videos. Ones that make you think, or teach you something, make you cry, or make you laugh. They post everything from funny fail compilations (they hold back on posting too many, thankfully) to presidential inaugurations, and everything in between.

Videos are usually from YouTube but can also come from other sources, and while we can’t say we fall in love with every one of them, there are a ton to love. Devour also makes sure to post some things that you might not have seen in other places, like amazing videos from MinutePhysics and movies sped up so fast that you can watch the entire trilogy in three minutes.

We especially like the tribute Devour gave to Steve Jobs after his passing, filling their entire homepage with videos of his best moments, including his Stanford Commencement Address and this tribute to his life made entirely of Post-It Notes.

If you like checking out awesome videos but can’t always rely on your friends to share them on Facebook (let’s face it, they don’t really have great taste, anyway) and you can’t be bothered to look for them yourself, Devour is a fantastic place to start.