Apple announcing new versions of iOS and OS X in two weeks

apple_tim_cookWhile we’ve known about Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference for a while now, Tim Cook has come out and said in an interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher that we’d be seeing new versions of iOS and OS X in just a couple of weeks.

Phil Schiller let the same information slip a few months ago, when he said the company “can’t wait to get new versions of iOS and OS X into their hands at WWDC.” Not only does this mean that the new versions will be shown off, but also that they’ll be somewhat usable.

Speaking tonight at D11, Cook also stated that Jony Ive has had a heavy hand in influencing the next version of iOS, saying, “yes, Jony Ive has been really key [to this version of iOS].”

Of course, when Scott Forstall left Apple because of the iOS Maps fiasco of mid-2012, rumour began that Jony Ive would have a huge role in moving away from the skeuomorphism of the software. It would seem that Ive doesn’t think that apps should be covered in leather or glass or aluminum-looking textures when they could be well-designed, functional, and above all else, simply.

While no official time has been announced for Cook’s keynote presentation, the date has been set as June 10th, which happens to be exactly two weeks away. We’re expecting a 10am conference as is Apple’s par, though that will interrupt Microsoft’s 9:30am E3 Media Briefing. Either way, we’ll have coverage on both events, so stay tuned to Eggplante for all the details!