Missadventures: four girls travelling the world

Missadventures is a travelling foursome consisting of Ellie, Hannah, Steph, and their camerawoman, Kat (who has an odd affinity for Zac Efron, if we may say so ourselves). A strictly online endeavour at this point, the group plans out seemingly last-minute travels, hops on a plane to their chosen destination, and figures out what to do once they’re there. No hotels, no planning, and certainly no idea of where to go.

3And that’s what makes the show fun. The only two adventures we’ve seen so far have been to Argentina and Barcelona (an escape to Morocco has also been teased), but that’s kind of the whole point. This is a total amateurish journey through and through, but in the best way possible. These are trips that most people can only dream of taking and experiences even fewer get to have. The girls tackle everything with wide eyes and minds willing.



Missadventures is probably the best name for this group of girls. Their trips don’t always go as planned (assuming there is a plan) and something manages to go haywire in the middle of their expeditions. In Barcelona, they had a bag with thousands of dollars of camera equipment stolen, while in Argentina, they extended their stay at the risk of feeling the wrath of their real-world bosses upon their return.

2The group doesn’t rely strictly on videos every few months to stay active. They keep a regular blog with travelling tips, favourites lists, and quirky videos like this one highlighting individual trips around the world. In all, there’s quite a bit of content here, and the promise of more on the way.

While we wait to see more of the travelling group, Steph is heading on a trip to Costa Rica, while Kat works feverishly (or so we’re told) away on editing together the Morocco excursion. If you have any interest in travelling or just want to see what kind of craziness these girls get into, check out Missadventures on YouTube and hit them up on Twitter and Facebook with your favourite destinations. Oh, and they have a website, too.

You never know what kind of Missadventures these four girls might have next.