Sony’s latest Evolution video highlights PSP and Vita


Sony has been putting up a bunch of videos they call “Evolution”, retelling the history of the PlayStation brand so far. They began with the PlayStation and moved along with PlayStation 2 and of course, PlayStation 3.

They’ve posted another video today, this one highlighting the two portable consoles Sony has released in their PlayStation history, both the PlayStation Portable, or PSP, and the PlayStation Vita.

What’s interesting is that there are no portable announcements expected at Wednesday’s “PlayStation 2013” event, so why highlight the PSP and Vita? It could just be that the handhelds are a big part of the brand’s positioning and stable, or it could mean something more. WIthout getting too crazy in speculation, we think we’ll see something new in the portable realm at Sony’s event.

Rumoured to have over 1,200 people present according to Forbes, we don’t think we’ll actually see new hardware – the Vita is only a year old, after all – but we do expect there to be a rather large handheld component to the presentation. Whether that means deeper integration of handheld gaming alongside consoles or something else, there is definitely reason to pay attention to Sony Wednesday. As if you needed more reasons to pay attention.

The Vita already got a price drop in Japan, so we’re guessing this is more than that, though we’re genuinely not sure what it could be. Will we see big new titles unveiled? The Vita is certainly a big part of the PlayStation brand and this event is supposed to be about the future of PlayStation, not necessarily just home consoles, so it could happen.

We’ll keep our ear out for any news on the subject, but we’re not expecting to hear anything in the ether until Sony officially unveils it Wednesday evening. Stay tuned!