Fable Anniversary Edition: There and Back Again

pre_1370365034__1370356137-fable-anniversary-artWith all the hype of the next generation of consoles coming out, there seems to be another trend this season, and that’s anniversary editions of games. It has been announced that Fable would be making a return to the as an HD Xbox 360 game. For those who don’t know what Fable was, Fable was the first of Peter Molyneux’s trilogy of RPGs. It was codenamed Project Ego (aptly named as Peter was incredibly enthusiastic for the game and made big promises) and released as Fable for the Xbox in September of 2004, introducing the world of Albion to gamers. Players played as the Hero of Oakvale, a descendant of the Archon William Black who was a great hero to the people of Albion after defeating the evil group known as the Court. After your town, mother, and sister are all destroyed by an unknown force of darkness, you set forth to find the truth and bring justice or evil to the land. Now the story that started it all, is back and better than ever, with some additional features from the 2nd generation Xbox.

Aside from the upgraded graphics and achievements, which were not available on the original Xbox, Fable Anniversary will also have a remastered version of Fable: The Lost Chapters. Lionhead, the game’s developer, has also stated that they are bringing the gameplay and controls up to a more modern level, as well as including the SmartGlass for more game-technology integration, possibly allowing for an ingame map and the ability to take screenshots. There will also be a leaderboard for the multitude of mini games in Fable, to challenge your friends in competitions like chicken kicking.

We’re quite excited for this game’s illustrious return to our console. Fable wasn’t the most innovative of RPG games, and it certainly wasn’t the best to come out in 2004 (that award goes to Knights of the Old Republic in our opinion), but it provided gamers with a brand new world to explore with fantastic landscapes, creatures, and a story all its own. Fable also gave us a game franchise of amusing characters and enjoyable combat, all in a world that had it’s own system of economics, love, trade, and reputation, and while we believe that Fable II and Fable III each had their moments, Fable was our favorite of the trilogy and we can’t wait to return to Albion as the Hero of Oakvale. Gamers can look forward to this release this coming holiday season.