Star Wars returning to the Battlefront in 2014

EA LogoYou asked for it, and EA has answered! Revealing their very first next-gen Star Wars game project, EA confirmed during their E3 2013 press briefing that a third Star Wars: Battlefront game has entered development! This is certain to please angry fans that were livid at the original Star Wars: Battlefront III’s cancellation, back when the game was being put together by LucasArts. EA’s revival wasn’t given any gameplay info, a release window, or anything of the sort, beyond the confirmation of its existence unfortunately. Nonetheless, the overdue follow-up was confirmed for release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and it will apparently be powered by EA’s Frostbite 3 engine!

The game was confirmed with an all-too-brief teaser that didn’t even showcase a finalized title. The footage showed a player character stumbling through the carnage of the Hoth battle from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. After barely ten seconds, an AT-AT’s giant foot appears to step over top of the character, which cuts to the Star Wars: Battlefront logo.

We have very little to go on at this point, especially considering that EA already has a very busy Fall calendar this year! Regardless, it appears that they’re going right for the jugular of their bad reputation lately, wasting no time by announcing the revived Star Wars: Battlefront game, one of the most frequently-requested Star Wars games in gaming history, if not the most requested! Best of all, it wasn’t the only fan-demanded sequel that made an appearance, as those who watched the conference found out!

Even with no real information about the game at this point, Star Wars fans and avid gamers alike are ecstatic at the announcement, which has already given EA a healthy boost in likeability at this year’s E3! There was unfortunately no mention of any other Star Wars games in development during their keynote unfortunately, dashing hopes for a potential Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III or Star Wars 1313¬†announcement at this point.

Even so, we at Eggplante will be sure to bring any further news about this new Star Wars: Battlefront game, whenever it surfaces!