Aonuma: Multiplayer in Wii U Zelda will only feature one Link

Wii-U-Zelda-Tech-Demo1We’ve known for a while that the next Zelda title would feature some sort of multiplayer gaming or connectivity. Despite having never seen the game, we got a bit closer to finding out what that means, as Mr. Eiji Aonuma, series producer for The Legend of Zelda series, has answered some questions about the series to Wired.

He says that, while the entry in the series will indeed feature some sort of multiplayer functionality, it will remain with a single Link in the storyline, saying “multi-play has been a high hurdle for me, something that’s plagued me for a long time. I still believe there’s one Link; the one-Link philosophy works for Zelda.”

We tend to agree, as it would be as disjointed as having two Master Chiefs in a single play session of Halo. Oh, wait.

He does say that “there are other ways to incorporate kind of a multiplayer experience. One of those ways is the Tingle bottle that we announced [for Wind Waker HD].”

That last quote is a bit of a cop-out, we think, but it does mean that a game from over a decade ago will be getting some kind of multiplayer functionality in it, so we can’t really complain too much.

Mr. Aonuma does say that the team is “coming up with new ideas that still allow the one-Link idea but are the same type of multiplayer” as what we would expect from a traditional multiplayer experience in a video game.

We’re always excited to hear new Zelda news, and while the next game is likely years away, Mr. Miyamoto did say that Nintendo almost showed off the game at E3 about a month ago. If things are moving along as quickly as they are, the new Zelda experience might be ready sooner than we think.