Microsoft posts Xbox One unboxing video

It might be a bit early to do an unboxing of a console if it is more than three months away, but we’re not one to stand on tradition! Microsoft’s Major Nelson Larry Hyrb has posted an unboxing video of Redmond’s new console, and it’s a beauty!

The video, as you’ve no doubt already caught above, goes through all the details of opening up your new Xbox One console. There are a few interesting things to note:

  • The mono chat headset is now included with both the Day One Edition and regular editions of the console.
  • The box design has been shown off, and appears about the size of the original PlayStation 3 box, and mirrors the design cues of the console itself.
  • There’s an included HDMI-cable that is capable of 4K video resolution for those fancy Blu-rays and your $25,000 television.
  • There is a power brick, unforuntately, and while it’s not as long as the Xbox 360 monstrosity, it is a fair bit chubbier.

This does mean that Microsoft has finalized Xbox One hardware, packaging, and design so that it can go into production if it hasn’t already. We’ll have a full unboxing of the console when it hits sometime in the holiday season this year, so stay tuned!