Fable Anniversary coming Feb. 4th

Lionhead Studios announced today that Fable Anniversary, the HD-remake of the hugely successful Peter Molyneux-designed game, will hit Xbox 360 on February 4th, 2014 in North America. The game will hit Asia two days later, on February 6th, and Europe on February 7th.

The first batch of the game will include the Launch Day Weapons & Outfits Pack, which will include the following digital items:

  • Scythe’s Outfit
  • A Black Graduate Outfit
  • A Red Prophet Outfit
  • A Blue Guard Outfit
  • A Red Guard Outfit
  • A Lute Weapon
  • A Will User’s Sceptre Weapon

The limited edition first run will also come in a wicked-cool embossed case.

The game, which was delayed from its September 2013 launch timing, is hitting the Xbox 360 instead of Xbox One. We’d love to have seen this make a solid two-generation jump like The Wind Waker HD did from the GameCube to Wii U, so we could really see a difference in style and gameplay, though we suppose this is a way for Microsoft to prove that the 360 still has some life left in it.

Then again, a lot of people loved the original Fable, so as an Xbox One title, it may have been a system seller. Oh well, maybe Xbox Two, then.

Take a look at some pretty eye-opening screenshot comparisons from 2004 to 2014.