The Eggplante Best of: PlayStation 3 Games

Continuing our lists of our favourite games of both this year and of the last generation (check out our favourite Xbox 360 titles here), we’re going to be looking at the PlayStation 3 games that tickled our fancy over the past seven years or so.

As always, Brent, Erika, and John contributed to this list, and we’re stoked to know that we’ve got some commonalities but also a lot of variety here, so we think the list might be a little more eclectic than most other ‘Top-PS3’ lists.

Once again, this list includes only titles exclusive to the console, as we’ll be doing a list of multi-platform bests soon.

10 ) Gran Turismo 5 – Likely the racing franchise that epitomizes console racers, Gran Turismo 5 and its later expansion, XL, showed how a massive variety of vehicles and tracks make for one of the best racing games on any platform.

9 ) Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time – The return of a ridiculous storyline, rampant with by ridiculous characters holding ridiculous weaponry traveling within a ridiculous space world, this is unadulterated fun in every sense of the word.

8 ) Heavy Rain – This game offers validation for interactive drama by presenting one of the most compelling mysteries in the history of video games!

7 ) LittleBigPlanet 2 – The most ambitious creative suite on the PS3 only got better with LittleBigPlanet 2, a tool of imagination and wonder that will likely never run out of possibilities!

6 ) Valkyria Chronicles – With a beautiful art style, emotionally-charged score, and a variety of gameplay elements that bring together the world, Valkyria Chronicles has a lasting appeal.

5 ) Journey – This game proved that stellar audio and unique visuals can help extend beautiful storytelling and playfulness into something more than a child-focused story and into a wonderful experience for every player.

4 ) Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – A beautiful, poignant, and uplifting tale by Studio Ghibli and Level-5, Ni no Kuni single-handedly breathes new life into the previously-stagnating Japanese RPG genre.

3 ) God of War III – The finality of the God of War trilogy completes the storyline as one might expect, with the tales of a Greek menace fighting for more than just his own righteousness.

2 ) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Arguably Nathan Drake’s finest adventure, Uncharted 2’s incredible challenges and memorable landscapes will consistently prove to be a tough act to follow!

1 ) The Last of Us – Incredibly well-crafted The Last of Us proves that action and intensity can be moulded alongside a breathtaking storyline and believable characters to create a genre- and generation-defining title.