Halo plans to be revealed at E3 2014

First Sony, now Microsoft.

Microsoft Studios’ Phil Spencer took to Twitter today to say that Halo news is incoming at E3 2014 in June, noting that 343 Industries has “a great plan in place”.

The full story around Halo in 2014 is a bit longer than just that tweet, however. A few weeks ago, Steve Downes, the voice of the game’s protagonist, Master Chief, said in an interview that Halo 2 Anniversary Edition would be on its way in 2014. He later back-pedalled on the statement, though his original statement was pretty clear.

This news does jive with the ten year anniversary of the game, and we’re not sure Halo 5 would be ready to ship this soon in the Xbox One’s life cycle.

Of course, at E3 2013, Microsoft said that Halo on Xbox One would begin in 2014, and while most speculated this meant Halo 5, the news could just as easily point to a remastered version of Halo 2.

Halo 5 is reportedly in the works and, through talks to have it ready for the Xbox One’s launch, it became clear that deadline would never be made; 343 Industries wanted to make sure they were putting out quality, not just slapping the Halo name on any green Blu-ray case.

Then again, there’s always this Official Xbox Magazine cover story to confuse things further.

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