We’re not even into 2014 yet, but Sony has already begun teasing that E3 2014 is going to be epic.

In a post on PlayStation.Blog titled Thanks to You, PlayStation 4 Just Made History, Guy Longworth, the Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing for SCEA, thanked fans for making PlayStation 4 their quickest-selling console, as well as utilizing the social and sharing features on the machine to some staggering numbers.

In the comments, users praised Sony and its new console, and Longworth even took the time to reply to a fair number of them.

A comment from one user, simply stating how much he loves his new PS4, garnered a response from Longworth:

Thanks… we’re working on them and have some epic stuff still underwraps… can’t wait for E3 now!

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 7.45.09 PM

E3 2014 hype already? We’re certainly on board with that!

Sony has already teased the next generation of Uncharted for the PlayStation 4, and while we know absolutely nothing about it, we can only assume we’ll hear about it at E3.

Realistically, Sony hasn’t locked down anything about their E3 presentation just yet, though they are certainly in the planning stages and will likely nail down a schedule and reveals very early in the new year.

What do you expect Sony’s “epic” announcements to be? Do you think we’ll hear more from Naughty Dog above and beyond Uncharted? Will we see the next generation of Gran Turismo or Sly Cooper or maybe a sequel to Shadow of the Colossus like we’ve all been waiting for?

Let us know in the comments and, of course, on Twitter and Facebook! In the meantime, check out Sony’s reel for their biggest launch yet!

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