Video Games Live returning to San Diego Comic-Con in July

Video Games Live, the symphonic brainchild of Tommy Tallarico, is returning to San Diego Comic-Con on July 24th.

The show will take place on the water at the Embarcadero Marina South behind the main convention centre and will host the San Diego Symphony as patrons’ entertainment for the evening.

Tickets start at $25 and make their way up to about $90, though our favourite deal has always been the VIP Package which includes priority access to the meet and greet after the show, a download code for a Video Games Live album, signed sheet music, among tons of other stuff.

If you can’t make it to the Comic-Con show, check Video Games Live’s website for any of the other 30 dates that the show will be entertaining gamers, most likely in your area, too! Of course, if you don’t believe us about how good the show is, you can always take a look at any one of our reviews: here, here, and here. Oh, and here, too.

We’ll also have a review up of the Kickstarter-funded (and newly-released) Video Games Live: Level Three album soon!