Infamous: Second Son Lead Designer leaves Sucker Punch

Lead designer of Infamous: Second Son Jaime Griesemer has left Sucker Punch Productions, according to his LinkedIn profile.

A former designer at Bungie working on the Halo series, Griesemer left the company in 2010, listing himself as a retired game designer on LinkedIn.

Griesemer confirmed his departure on Twitter, saying, well not much at all:

A Sony spokesperson told IGN that he is no longer with Sucker Punch, thanking him for his “tremendous work” and wishing him the best in the future.

This isn’t the first move in the gaming industry lately. In less than a year, we’ve seen Don Mattrick leave Xbox for Zynga, Jack Tretton move on from PlayStation, Amy Hennig get pushed out of Naughty Dog, and, most recently, Marc Whitten taking the reigns at Sonos away from his Xbox position.