Marc Whitten is leaving Microsoft for Sonos

The Xbox One launch wasn’t the smoothest of console launches, some might say. Now, in a classic “announce big and potentially stock-damaging news in the evening on a Monday” move, Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten has announced his departure for wireless audio firm Sonos.

Whitten will retain his title at the new firm, and be the company’s first Chief Product Officer, while he continues the executive mix-up at Microsoft which began last year with Don Mattrick jumping ship for Zynga.

Microsoft says the rest of the executive team is remaining as is, with Yusuf Mehdi and Phil Harrison at the helm, alongside the rest of the Xbox team.

Marc says he will never lose his love for Xbox and is “very stoked to join the great [Sonos] team”. Posting on Twitter, he commented:

What are your thoughts on this change? Will this move help Microsoft move more Xbox Ones as they get some fresh meat in their executive positions, or will this just be another change in Xbox’s routine to cause some more havoc? Let us know in the comments below!