Bethesda announces Panzerhund Edition for Wolfenstein: The New Order

Hotly anticipated Wolfenstein: The New Order may have been pushed back (and then brought forward a bit), but the game is getting a collector’s edition, albeit a bit of a nontraditional one.

Bethesda has now announced the Panzerhund Edition of the game, though it doesn’t actually come with the game. For a cool hundred bucks, gamers can order the usual accoutrements of a limited run game, including:

  • 11 classified documents – an assortment of maps, case files, and an x-ray
  • 8″ Panzerhund statue – hand-painted, and articulated, this statue also comes with a display base
  • Steelbook – for the game that isn’t included in the package
  • Three patches – featuring logos from the game
  • Dog tags – custom-moulded replica dog tags from the game
  • No copy of the game – because this is The New Order.

We’re a little cheesed that the game doesn’t come with this package, and while we don’t think it should for just $100, if the collector’s edition included the game for $120 or even $140, it would have great value.

The set is limited to 5,000 individually numbered editions, but with no impulse purchase or the guy behind the counter pushing you to get the limited edition, we’re not sure they’ll all sell out. With that said, the goodies in this package is a dream for any fan of the game. Really, what game comes with an x-ray?

Wolfenstein: The New Order hits current-gen, next-gen, and PC on May 20th, worldwide.

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