Our Favourite Sites: LEGO Designer Videos

Every so often, we run down our favourite websites. We’ve covered the loot on Uncrate, the video bounty on Devour, the news and reviews on Engadget, and the hilarity of CinemaSins on YouTube.

Much like CinemaSins, this round of Our Favourite Sites isn’t a website, but a series of videos that make us giddy for the world we live in and the toys we play with. It’s no secret how much we like LEGO, and this YouTube channel represents exactly that.

We love the entire LEGO channel, but our favourite of the bunch is the Designer Videos series. That section of the channel highlights how models are built, what unique brick elements they use, and they’re hosted by the designers of the set being shown off.

The designers’ excitement is always palpable and it really shines through the video presentation, especially when they get excited over how many minifigures are included with a set!

We don’t need any additional reasons to pick up a LEGO set, but when we see these videos, we almost immediately head online to find one that we love. If you have any inclination to check out some cool new LEGO videos, take a look at the Designer Videos series, and the rest of the LEGO channel, and let us know what you think! Better yet, build some LEGO sets and show us your creations on Twitter and Facebook!