Sherlock ‘Special’ and Series Four to film in 2015

NOTE: This article contains moderate spoilers for the conclusions of Sherlock’s Series Two and Series Three.


Despite the acclaimed BBC show’s reputation for long breaks between sessions, the wheels are beginning to slowly turn again for 221b Baker Street.

The BBC has just confirmed plans to film a mysterious ‘Special’ episode of their hit mystery drama series, Sherlock in January 2015, before properly starting production on Series Four later next year. This would most likely have Series Four airing the following year, in 2016, though a late 2015 premiere is also theoretically possible, albeit much less likely.

Regardless, it’s still unknown exactly when we can see the show’s proper return. Hopefully, the special episode┬áthat’s been talked up will at least debut next year however.

Sherlock - LogoAs much as Series Four is an exciting prospect for fans, it’s the special episode of Sherlock that will no doubt draw more attention and speculation as well. Co-star Martin Freeman, who portrays assistant consulting detective, John Watson on the modern British re-imagining of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famed super sleuth’s stories, dropped hints that such plans were in place this past April. He then stated that it would likely be some sort of holiday special, but The BBC hasn’t confirmed this claim. Curious…

It’s not confirmed, but it’s possible that this standalone special may be to help sate the growing fan demand behind what is arguably one of the BBC’s most popular programs worldwide as well. It’s not a bad idea, given that Sherlock fans often have to wait an extra year for the next series of the show, with each series only being a few episodes at a time.

Whatever the case, while no plot details are yet known for Series Four, Series Three certainly ended on a big tease, with Sherlock Holmes’ diabolical arch-nemesis, Jim Moriarty having his face broadcast around Britain, with the ominous message, “Did you miss me?” This no doubt raised many eyebrows, as Moriarty appeared to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head atop the same roof that Sherlock left off of to feign his own suicide during the conclusion of Series Two. Then again, if Sherlock faked his death, it’s probable that Moriarty could as well, especially with the series still having yet to properly confirm exactly how Sherlock pulled off his faked demise.

The BBC was mum on all of this speculation however, only dropping one nugget of information; That Series Four would involve the very next thing happening to Sherlock and John being the last thing that anyone would ever expect. Again, curious…Moriarty - Miss Me

Along with Martin Freeman as John Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch is also set to return as the titular consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock’s Series Four. The BBC is ensuring that production lines up with the schedules of the supporting cast as well, so we can likely expect the show’s recurring familiar faces to return again when Series Four properly airs.

Thus, we’re getting a gradually clearer idea of when Sherlock is set to return. Eggplante will be sure to deduce your news and updates related to Sherlock, until and after the game is on again.