August 2014’s PlayStation Plus games are…

Microsoft has revealed August 2014’s Games with Gold selections on Xbox One and Xbox 360, and now Sony has detailed which free games PlayStation Plus members can expect across the PlayStation family of devices throughout next month!

Road Not Taken - GameplayPlayStation 4 owners can get their hands on an all-new roguelike puzzle-adventure game, Road Not Taken for starters, loosely inspired by the Robert Frost poem of the same name, and developed by Spry Fox. It will be free as soon as it releases for PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, August 5th, if you happen to be a PlayStation Plus member, and will come to PC via Steam that same day. Later this Fall, Road Not Taken is also set to release for PlayStation Vita, though it’s unknown if it will end up being cross-buy with its PlayStation 4 sibling at this point.

The other PlayStation 4 game that will be offered free for PlayStation Plus members is one well-knownFez - Gameplay in the indie game circuit, that being Polytron Corporation’s Fez. An ambitious platformer that allows you to rotate the world and change the landscape according to player perspective, Fez originally released exclusively for Xbox 360 in 2012, before expanding to PC, Mac and Linux throughout 2013, and coming to PlayStation platforms just this year. Best of all, if you can redeem this PlayStation Plus reward on a PlayStation 4, Fez is cross-buy on PlayStation devices, so you’ll also be able to get your hands on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game for free. Score!

Crysis 3 - GameplayIf you’re still rocking Sony’s last-gen console, the PlayStation 3 also sees two PlayStation Plus freebies this August. Crysis 3 will be a full retail offering that PlayStation Plus members can get their hands on for free, being the third and latest installment in EA and Crytek’s celebrated sci-fi first-person shooter franchise. The game is also available both at retail and on digital storefronts for PC and Xbox 360.

If you’d rather have another smaller indie title, Curve Studios’ Proteus will also be free for PlayStation Plus members on PlayStation 3 this month, Proteus - Gameplayallowing players a relaxed, open-world experience, where they can explore a mysterious landscape at their leisure. Proteus is also available to download for PC, Mac, Linux and PlayStation Vita. Bear in mind as well that Proteus supports cross-buy on PlayStation devices, allowing PlayStation Plus members with PlayStation 3’s to also net the PlayStation Vita version for free.

Metrico - GameplayLastly, PlayStation Vita will also offer two freebies for PlayStation Plus members this August, though one differs depending on your region. All PlayStation Plus members will be able to download Digital Dreams’ Metrico for free, another all-new game releasing for the first time on Tuesday, August 5th, exclusively for PlayStation Vita. The game is a puzzle-action game that uses infographics to challenge players to escape the allegorical world of corporate demands and bottom-line business, if that makes sense.

For PlayStation Plus members that own a PlayStation Vita in Canada and the U.S., you’ll score a free download of Atlus and Vanillaware’s superb co-op-enabled action-RPG, Dragon’s Crown this month! While not cross-buy, the game supports cross-save capability with its PlayStation 3 counterpart, allowing you to freely move your save file between your console and handheld copy, should you own both. If you already bought Dragon’s Crown for PlayStation 3, and have PlayStation Plus, being able to redeem the PlayStation Vita version for free should be a huge boon, especially considering that this is widely considered to be one of the best games of last year!Dragon's Crown - Gameplay

If you live in a European territory however, you already got Dragon’s Crown on PlayStation Plus. Thus, this August will instead offer you the PlayStation Vita version of LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7.

This is a very good PlayStation Plus selection for August, as two of the games on offer are entirely new, and the rest are all strong offerings. Fez and Dragon’s Crown are excellent games that definitely merit a look-see for the free download, and Crysis 3 is also a highly enjoyable shooter that presents an outstanding value as a freebie. Considering that Fez and Proteus are cross-buy on PlayStation devices, that just raises the value of this download selection even further!

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