Ganondorf to be playable in Hyrule Warriors

Believe it or not, Ganondorf has never been a playable character in any game. Well, Hyrule Warriors aims to change that, making him, for the first time in a Zelda game, a user-playable character.

When we chatted with Mr. Aonuma and some of the producers of Hyrule Warriors back in June at E3, they foreshadowed that, since the Dynasty Warriors series has always been about playing multiple sides of a conflict, that we might see something similar in Hyrule Warriors.

In addition to the usual Ganondorf, Club Nintendo members who register the game will receive an alternate set of Ganondorf costumes, and Nintendo plans to make costume packs available as downloadable content in the future for other characters as well.

Ganondorf is the 13th announced playable character, including Link, Princess Zelda, Impa, Midna, Sheik, Agitha, Darunia, Princess Ruto, Zant, Fi, Ghirahim, and Lana, each with their own specialty weapons.

Hyrule Warriors launches on September 26th, exclusively on Wii U.