Dominic Purcell to play DC villain, Heat Wave on The Flash

Someone at The CW’s casting department clearly has a sense of humour. Why? They’ve just cast Prison Break’s Dominic Purcell as Rory Calhoun, a.k.a. DC’s fire-themed super-villain, Heat Wave, for upcoming TV series, The Flash.

Why is this significant? Because Purcell’s Prison Break co-star, Wentworth Miller, the lead actor who played the brother to Purcell’s character on the now-wrapped TV thriller, has already been cast as another key antagonist to the Scarlet Speedster, Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold. Like Captain Cold, Heat Wave is a member of the group of Flash villains known as The Rogues, and yes, he is set to reunite with Miller on The Flash’s tenth episode, where Snart and Calhoun will team up with a hot/cold combo. Miller’s Captain Cold however will make his debut a bit earlier, in the show’s fourth episode.DC Comics - Heat Wave

Rory Calhoun grew up in a rural community outside of The Flash’s stomping grounds of Central City, where he became fascinated with fire from an early age. His obsession with flames was so potent in fact that he burned his own house down, and didn’t even bother to get any help. Channeling his rampant pyromania into a villainous alter-ego, Calhoun grew up to become Heat Wave, a master of pyrotechnics and combustibles, who wields a handgun-sized flamethrower, and is decked out in flame-resistant gear.

Like his comic book counterpart, Purcell’s Rory Calhoun is a pyromaniac who uses his villainous alter-ego as an outlet for his obsession with fire. Given Calhoun’s close personal relationship with The Flash in the comics however, to the point where he’s even aware of Barry Allen being the man behind the red spandex, it’s unknown whether this same personal connection will be featured in the television show.

The Flash will make its debut on Tuesday, October 7th, at 8:00-9:00 P.M. EST.

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