FOX orders TV pilot for DC Comics’ Lucifer

FOX - LogoDC Comics has been very aggressive with adapting hot properties to television, and they’ve got yet another one in the pipeline now. FOX, who have already snagged Batman prequel series, Gotham, set to begin airing next week, have ordered a pilot based around Vertigo and DC Comics’ Lucifer, an adult comic book series about the fallen angel, Lucifer Morningstar. Californication’s Tom Kapinos will both write and executive produce the pilot.

Lucifer Morningstar made his debut in Neil Gaiman’s highly acclaimed comic book, Sandman, with the character spinning off into his own comic series in 2000, which ran until 2006, spanning 75 issues. Lucifer’s portrayal is heavily inspired by John Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost. The show will follow the period in the solo comics where the character gave up living in Hell, in favour of opening up a piano bar in Los Angeles.Lucifer - Comics Art

If it goes to series, Lucifer joins not only DC Comics’ Gotham on the FOX network, but several other DC Comics-inspired television properties that have already been approved for series. The CW’s hit series, Arrow is set to return for a third season next month, joined by a spin-off set in the same universe, The Flash, and the network will also be adapting another Vertigo/DC comic series, iZombie during the mid-season period, with a second Vertigo/DC-inspired series, Constantine starting in October, this time on NBC. A prospective TV series about DC Comics heroine, Supergirl is also in development from Greg Berlanti, the show creator of both Arrow and The Flash, and TNT has ordered a pilot for a live-action series centering on DC superhero team, the Teen Titans.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the potential development of Lucifer for television. In the meantime, Eggplante will continue to fly you your news and updates on DC’s potential and confirmed television projects.