PlayStation Now beta comes to PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV on October 14th

Sony’s game streaming service, PlayStation Now will be rounding off the PlayStation family of devices very soon. It will go live for both PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV on October 14th. This means that PlayStation Now’s beta will be available from launch day for PlayStation TV this month.

PlayStation Now - FootagePlayStation Now’s beta has been available on PlayStation 4 since the end of July, and expanded to PlayStation 3 last month. The service is also planned to be supported by certain models of Bravia Smart TV’s, which allows it to be accessible by simply plugging a PlayStation 3 controller into the television.

PlayStation Now allows users to stream PlayStation 3 games on a rental basis to their device of choice. Depending on the game and the chosen duration, the price of being able to temporarily stream a game varies between $2.99 and $14.99 or so. Sony recommends that PlayStation Now users also plug in a local ethernet cable for the best streaming quality (though how one does this on the portable PlayStation Vita is questionable), particularly since PlayStation Now-streamed games come with their online components intact and accessible. Even after renting, any trophies you earn are yours to permanently keep on your PlayStation Network profile as well.

Sony is considering adding PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games to PlayStation Now, but currently, no such plans are in place.

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