UPDATE: Krysten Ritter officially cast as Marvel Studios’ Jessica Jones

UPDATE: A day after Deadline broke the news, Marvel Studios has issued a press release confirming the scoop. Krysten Ritter will officially portray Jessica Jones for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in her dedicated Netflix series, as well as crossover Netflix series, The Defenders. Marvel Studios also gave some added details about the show, namely that it will be officially titled ‘A.K.A. Jessica Jones’, and that it will definitely follow the Daredevil Netflix series in 2015, with a 13-episode season. The show will also follow the Alias comics, whereupon Jessica Jones retires from being a superheroine, and opens a detective agency to deal with New York City cases about individuals with superpowers. Unfortunately, there was no word on the accuracy of Mike Colter being a frontrunner for Luke Cage at present.

Original story follows:


While it won’t be until 2018 that Marvel Studios finally releases a female-led superhero movie on the big screen, that being Captain Marvel, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be deploying not one, but two female-led television shows next year. The first, miniseries, Agent Carter will kick off right at the start of the year on ABC, with the second, Jessica Jones, having a tentative debut on Netflix later next year.

"Black Rock" - Los Angeles PremiereAfter screen-testing several actresses for the part, Marvel Studios has reportedly made their lead selection for Jessica Jones. Word comes via official Hollywood source, Deadline, the same outlet that prematurely broke the news of Benedict Cumberbatch’s casting as fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe hero, Doctor Strange, that Krysten Ritter has won the role, being among the five actresses Marvel was debating for the part. Ritter has previous television credits in Breaking Bad, Veronica Mars and short-lived comedy series, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.

Jessica Jones will debut exclusively on Netflix after another Netflix-exclusive Marvel Cinematic Universe-set series, Daredevil makes its debut next year, with Charlie Cox portraying the titular Man Without Fear. Along with two other Netflix shows to follow, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, the four Netflix shows will come together in a crossover, Avengers-style Netflix miniseries, The Defenders.Jessica Jones - Luke Cage Art

Jessica Jones made her debut in mature Marvel Comics series, Alias, being an embittered former superheroine who retired from crimefighting to open a detective agency. She has gone under the heroine monikers of Jewel, Knightress and Power Woman. The show will follow the same premise. Jones has super-strength and psionic projection abilities, as well as the ability to fly, and eventually goes on to marry fellow streetwise Marvel hero, Luke Cage. It’s believed that Luke Cage will potentially debut in Jessica Jones before properly starring in his own series, with Deadline also reporting that Halo: Nightfall’s Mike Colter is in final negotiations with Marvel for the role of Cage.

We at Eggplante will continue to keep an eye on the development of Jessica Jones, along with the other Netflix-exclusive shows to come for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Keep detecting us for all news and updates on further Marvel Studios developments.