Is this the new Wii U GamePad?

In a bizarre and cryptic move, Nintendo of Japan has posted a promotional video for Mario Kart 8 on their YouTube channel. While that itself is pretty normal, the content of the video might be a little more interesting if you take a look at the image above.

So what is it?

Sure looks like a redesigned GamePad to us, with what could be a new button layout and larger screen. It appears we can make out the Wii U logo to the lower left of the display, and a home button in the middle. It also doesn’t look like there is as much space for analog sticks, though they’re squished in at the top of the device.

This is all wild conjecture, but it begs the question: why did they include a shot of the GamePad if it is this blurry? It’s not like you can really make out what’s on that television in the background there, anyway.

We’ve taken some other screenshots of what appears to be the dad in the commercial using a standard-fare GamePad, but that doesn’t mean the shot in question couldn’t be used to spark up some interest!

Watch the full video for yourself and let us know. Will we see this new GamePad soon? Is it actually something else entirely?

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