Destiny leak reveals next full year of DLC?

Bungie and Activision had quite the leak fiasco before Destiny was even announced back in 2012, and it looks like we could have our biggest leak since then.

An image posted to Twitter in a subreddit claims to be a photograph leaked from an internal Bungie meeting detailing the future of Destiny‘s downloadable content.

The photo shows four episodes in the main game, along with Comet, the major expansion we’ve been expecting since the game’s original leak. The episodic content includes House of Wolves (which we knew about already, naturally), Comet: Plague of DarknessVex, and Forge of Gods.

The House of Wolves expansion episodes are launching on March 10th of this year, followed by Comet: Plague of Darkness in September 2015. Comet will take players to the Moon, Venus, Mars, and the Hive Ship, while Vex, which currently has no set release date (we’re pegging December 2015), aims to take players to Mars and Venus also. Forge of Gods has neither a list of new locations nor a release date that we could make out from the image.

Take a look at the full image in the tweet below, and let us know what you want to see from the future of Destiny. We expect to hear much more at E3 2015.