EP Daily to return February 23

A mainstay of Canadian video game television, Victor Lucas and the gang at EP Daily (formerly The Electric Playground) are returning for their 25th season beginning this Monday, February 23rd.

The Emmy Award-winning production company behind it all, EP Media, is set to return with one show, EP Daily, while its brother Reviews on the Run takes a hiatus for an . The show promises to include game and gadget reviews, in addition to news and coverage of the gaming, film, and consumer electronics industries.

Remaining true to form, the show promises to continue delivering news from the front lines of the biggest conventions such as E3 and Comic-Con, as well as up-to-date previews and reviews of upcoming games like Batman: Arkham KnightHalo 5, and Zelda for Nintendo’s Wii U.

In a press release, Founder and CEO of EP Media Victor Lucas said that this season “is a milestone season for us and definitely one for the record books. To have achieved this level of longevity in a tough business is a testament to an industry on the rise again and the greatest fans we could ever ask for. This will be an absolutely incredible year for videogames and entertainment. We’re going to do some new and very exciting things this year to engage our audience like never before, so stay tuned!”

We’ve been fans of the show since its inception, even though most of us were at the tender young age of eight or nine at that point. The gaming industry is alive and well, and though G4 has shut its doors in the USA, EP Daily is alive and well in Canada, Australia, and abroad. Heck, even in the good ol’ US of A.