Mission: Impossible 5 gets name, first trailer

We’ve officially got our first look at Tom Cruise reprising his role as Ethan Hunt in the latest Mission: Impossible flick. The fifth in the series is called Rogue Nation and, as per usual,travels the world to places like Austria, Morocco, and the UK, among others.

The trailer (click the header image above to watch it) fittingly shows off some pretty insane stunts, not the least of which is of Cruise hanging off the outside of a plane. As it’s taking off. At full speed. Without a harness. Because Mission: Impossible.

The film seems to deviate from the style of 2013’s Ghost Protocol and aims for a long-haired Ethan Hunt with a Mission: Impossible 2 feeling, despite having completely different directors. Christopher McQuarrie is directing this MI film, having directed Cruise in Jack Reacher and Edge of Tomorrow.

Motorcycles are also back in big style this time around, as are a more ostentatious set of circumstances whereby it is not a terrorist organization threatening the fate of the world, but a supposed rogue nation, hence the film’s title. Series favourites Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames also return, along with newcomer Alec Baldwin playing the new head of the CIA. Count on him to be corupt. Just a thought.

Paramount originally schedule Rogue Nation for a December 25th release this year, but moved the date forward to July 31st to avoid competition from Star Wars Episode VII and 007: Spectreboth of which are headed for theatres during the holiday season. Mission: Impossible has always felt like a fun summer blockbuster, anyhow, so this might fit well for the film.

As we get more information about Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, we’ll bring it to you, though we do have to warn you that what you’re seeing is classified and will self-destruct in five seconds.