Capcom reveals date and pricing for Ultra Street Fighter IV on PlayStation 4

Release plans are starting to come together for the PlayStation 4 port of Ultra Street Fighter IV, which was announced during last year’s PlayStation Experience expo. To start, it will launch exclusively for digital download on the PlayStation Store, on May 26th. The game is still not planned to ever launch for Xbox One.

USFIV - Gameplay 1Coming straight from the PlayStation Blog, Capcom revealed some new improvements that they’ve made to the latest re-release of Ultra Street Fighter IV on Sony’s next-gen console. Naturally, the PlayStation 4 edition of the game will include every fighter and arena available at this point, including Ultra Street Fighter IV’s new fighter additions, Rolento, Elena, Hugo, Decapre and Poison. All DLC from any interation of Street Fighter IV will also be included for free in Ultra Street Fighter IV’s PlayStation 4 port.

Perhaps best of all however is that the controller’s input lag issues in the PlayStation 3 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV have been completely fixed in the PlayStation 4 build, or so Capcom claims. These issues are a large part of the reason why competitive Ultra Street Fighter IV matches tend to be played with the Xbox 360 version of the game, at least up to this point. Naturally, Ultra Street Fighter IV’s PlayStation 4 build will feature slight graphical enhancements as well, giving it a small, but noticeable visual leg-up over its last-gen PlayStation 3 edition.

Ultra Street Fighter IV was formerly available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, with the console builds being available as both retail packages and standalone downloadable expansions for previous Street Fighter IV releases on either platform, and the PC version being exclusively released as a digital download on Steam. The PlayStation 4 version will also only be offered as a download, though it will be sold at the further reduced price of $24.99.USFIV - Gameplay 2

Ultra Street Fighter IV skipping Xbox One entirely is no doubt part of a deal that Capcom appears to have made with Sony over the Street Fighter franchise. The series’ next proper sequel, Street Fighter V is also entirely skipping Xbox One in its initial build, only releasing for PlayStation 4 and PC, though enhanced re-releases may end up coming to Microsoft’s console, even if no plans are currently in place.

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