E3 2015: The Big Games to Watch

Our favourite annual video game expo is nearly upon us, and while actual game announcements will be saved for the press conferences leading up to E3, there are some big games we already know about that should be on everyone’s radar. Expect some to be bigger than others, and don’t be surprised if some don’t show up at all *ahem* Zelda *ahem* but take a look at our picks for the biggest games to watch at E3 2015:


Halo 5

The first (new) entry in the Master Chief universe will come in the form of Halo 5 on Xbox One, launching this October. Of course, we’ve yet to hear much about the campaign, save for some nasty little tidbits of information from a cryptic teaser campaign that doesn’t tell us much of anything. Expect much more to be revealed at Microsoft’s Xbox Media Briefing.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Last year garnered our first glimpse of our girl Lara Croft returning as the raider we love to love. Unfortunately, we’ve seen virtually nothing about this game since its announcement at last year’s press conference, and since it is supposed to be an Xbox One exclusive (at least in its initial launch timeframe), expect Microsoft to open with this one. 

qbreak4305Quantum Break

Last year, we said that fans could expect to see Quantum Break at E3 “in full force.” Of course, this was a few weeks before Remedy Entertainment announced that they’d be skipping E3 in favour of a Gamescom announcement and full gameplay reveal. Well, that demo has come and gone, and now we want to be able to play some of this damned game. Will that happen? Honestly, Remedy is a company that plays things quite close to the chest, but that has never been a bad thing; they’ve never released a bad game. But seriously, let us have some Quantum Break, would you?

There are lots of other titles Microsoft will have up its sleeve at their presentation. Expect Crackdown and at least two of either Assassin’s Creed: SyndicateRainbow Six SiegeMass Effect, or Rock Band 4. What would floor us is if Microsoft managed to trot out some of Just Cause 3 or Mirror’s Edge. Some Battlefield action would be nice, too. Oh, we are optimists, aren’t we?

athiefsendUncharted 4: A Thief’s End

This one will either open or wrap Sony’s presentation, we’d think. The final run of Nathan Drake (assuming the story actually wraps; who ends a story on the fourth instalment, anyway?) will most certainly be the highlight of the conference, predictably garnering a limited edition PlayStation 4 bundle alongside its release sometime next year. We’re banking on an early-Summer release.

Uncharted: Remastered

They’ve done it with Halo, and Naughty Dog themselves did it with The Last of Us. We’d be silly to think that there isn’t a remastered version of Uncharted coming for PlayStation 4. While we don’t think the crew at Naughty Dog will be able to pull of an actual full trilogy worth of remasters in the same way 343 Industries and Blur Studios pulled off Halo 2 Anniversary Edition, we’re certainly expecting some updated textures, higher resolution, and a buttery-smooth 60 frames per second. You know, if this collection turns out to be real, and all.

The Last Guardian

Call us stubborn. Say we’re fools. Frankly, we don’t care. We believe that The Last Guardian is coming, and while it might not be this year, and it might not be next, we’re going to keep hope alive for this title that still makes us wonder how a game ever made us feel the way it did. We say it every year, but we’re going to bank on The Last Guardian showing up at E3 2015. (Yes, we just re-wrote the same thing from last year because we’re stubborn as hell and we like it that way.)

morpheus12Project Morpheus

We best believe that, with all the Oculus Rift hype, as well as Samsung’s entry into VR (partnering with Oculus, no less), Sony is going to be pushing Morpheus harder that it pushed Move. And good thing, too, because we loved the Morpheus demo last year. This time around, however, it’s time for Sony to show us some actual games that make good use of the technology to sell us on the add-on which we’d peg to be somewhere around $250 or so.

Aside from the usual suspects like Uncharted and perhaps God of War IV, Sony also has titles like No Man’s Sky up its sleeve, and that is likely going to steal the show again, assuming it can be as impressive as it was the first time around. Project Morpheus will continue to differentiate Sony from Microsoft (who has all but given up on Kinect), but they’ll need to get their VR shipping soon if they want it out of the vapourware news bin. We’re also predicting either no Playstation Vita talk at all, or a slimmer redesign just to say that they updated the hardware.

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