Microsoft has announced a new Xbox One console bundle with its highest number of pack-in games yet.

The “Independent Developers Pack” is a Kinect-free console which comes with download codes for five ID@Xbox games along with codes for in-game items for two additional free-to-play games, making for one of the most unique console bundles ever released.

The console itself is a standard black Xbox One, though it is rumoured to come with the new controller which features a standard 3.5mm headphone jack in lieu of the proprietary dock connector (which is still there, but unnecessary if all you want to do is add some headphones to your gameplay mix). The product listing originally included the statement “Xbox One Wireless Controller with 3.5mm headphone jack”, which has since been altered to omit mention of the port.

The bundle has only been announced in Australia as of yet, and will retail for $499 AU, the same price a standard edition console is down under.

It’s great to see Microsoft embracing its high-end console for independent games and really showing the love to developers that might otherwise never get the chance to make a game that is bundled with a console. And no, the Ouya doesn’t count.

For those interested, the games included in the bundle are:

  1. Hand of Fate
  2. Threes!
  3. #IDARB
  4. The Jackbox Party Pack
  5. Never Alone

The included add-on DLC is for Warframe and Smite beta, both of which are free-to-play titles.

Are you excited about the prospects of this bundle (or something similar) coming to North America or Europe? Let us know!

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