Super Mario Maker gets release date, Amiibo details

Considering that it’s the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. this year, it should come as no surprise that Nintendo is wanting to heavily showcase their new Mario creation tool, Super Mario Maker. The game was brought up again during E3’s Nintendo Digital Event today, where it was confirmed to be releasing for Wii U on September 11th.

SMM - Gameplay 1Super Mario Maker was utilized as the final challenge during this past Sunday’s Nintendo World Championships 2015, delivering an ultra-grueling gauntlet of custom Mario stages, designed to be as infuriating as possible by Nintendo themselves. John Numbers ended up taking the crown as Nintendo’s World Champion, defeating all four stage arrangements to beat out the other competing finalist, Cosmo.

On top of allowing players to design their own custom Mario stages by combining both classic and all-new assets from the engines of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U, utilizing the Wii U Gamepad Screen and its stylus, Super Mario Maker will also support Amiibo, with Nintendo divulging the details today. The supported Amiibo will include some all-new Pixel Mario Amiibo figures designed explicitly for Super Mario Maker, which includes two variations, one red/blue and red/brown. When scanned on the Wii U Gamepad’s NFC Reader, the Pixel Mario Amiibo figures will make Mario grow to the size of the screen when Super Mario Maker is having a stage played.SMM - Gameplay 2

Super Mario Maker will also support several other Amiibo figures from various sets. If you scan compatible figures into Super Mario Maker, you’ll turn Mario into specialized sprites of the respective Amiibo character, complete with their own unique sound effects! So far, compatible Amiibo to this effect are confirmed to be: Link (Super Smash Bros. set), Marth (Super Smash Bros. set), Isabelle (Animal Crossing set), Yoshi (Super Smash Bros. set or Super Mario set), Luigi (Super Smash Bros. set or Super Mario set), and Wii Fit Trainer (Super Smash Bros. set), all of which were showcased throughout Nintendo’s Digital Event as new games were discussed.

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