Bran Stark will return in Game of Thrones’ sixth season

NOTE: Be advised of some spoilers from the Season Four finale of Game of Thrones in this article.


In case you needed that added bit of assurance about the rather conspicuous absence of Bran Stark throughout all of Game of Thrones’ recently-wrapped fifth season, it’s now come. Actor, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who portrays the paralyzed astral projecting Stark sibling on HBO’s ultra-popular fantasy-drama series, has now directly confirmed that Bran will return in the upcoming Season Six. Phew.

Bran - Footage“I can’t say a lot, but I am back this season.” Hempstead-Wright stated to The Irish Examiner. “It’s going to get particularly interesting with Bran. He has some interesting visions” he continued, teasing the result of Bran’s starting of demanding spiritual training at the conclusion of Season Four last year.

Bran was intentionally left out of Season Five entirely by the showrunners, so that the rest of the show could catch up to Bran’s current story arc, which is much further along in accordance to the A Song of Ice and Fire source novels by George R.R. Martin. Another fan-favourite character, single-worded simpleton, Hodor was also missing from the show throughout all of Season Five as a result. Fortunately, with Bran’s return confirmed, it’s pretty likely we’ll see Hodor again next season, alongside Meera, whose brother ultimately gave his life to get Bran to the end of his pursuit of the mysterious Three-Eyed Raven.

Our reception toward Game of Thrones’ most recent fifth season was mostly positive, beyond some criticisms of the slower pacing, and the show’s failure to wrap up every lingering story thread from the season by the end. We did point out the conspicuous and rather distracting absence of Bran early on in the season especially as well, particularly with the show starting to significantly diverge from the source novels at this point. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing him again when Game of Thrones returns next Spring.

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