Capcom announces Resident Evil Origins Collection for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Capcom is allowing Resident Evil fans to procure a hard copy for the series’ latest HD remasters, namely through the newly-announced Resident Evil Origins Collection. Coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 19th of next year in North America, and January 22nd in Europe, this retail package will offer a bundle of this past January’s Resident Evil remake’s HD remaster, and the upcoming HD remaster of Resident Evil Zero that’s currently scheduled for early 2016.

RE - GameplayWhile not explicitly confirmed by Capcom, it’s assumed that the bundle may be being timed with the digital release of Resident Evil Zero’s HD remaster on digital storefronts, which is set for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Resident Evil Zero’s HD remaster is still without a solid date for now though. Since this retail package is only being released for current-gen consoles however, those aiming to get the game on the last-gen Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 will have no choice but to get the games separately and digitally. The same is true of PC gamers, who can only attain both games individually on digital storefront, Steam.

On top of announcing this bundle, Capcom also confirmed an all-new addition that will be present in the upcoming HD remaster of Resident Evil Zero. This comes in the form of Wesker Mode, which allows you to take control of the series’ iconic villain, and team him up with one of the Resident Evil Zero protagonists, Rebecca Chambers. Both characters are said to have access to exclusive costumes in this mode, and Wesker will actually possess some of his superhuman abilities that he demonstrated at length in Resident Evil 5, though Capcom declined to elaborate further.

For reference, we reviewed the HD remaster of the original Resident Evil a short while after its launch at the start of this year. We gave the game a positive 84% score, praising how well the design of the remake has held up over time, and how much the HD visuals enhance the detail and atmosphere, even if we did also warn of some dated gameplay elements, and a heavy emphasis on replaying the game constantly that completionists will need to deal with.REZ - Gameplay

Resident Evil Zero tells the events that occurred a day before the original Resident Evil, which takes place in 1998. Players swap control between S.T.A.R.S. police medic, Rebecca Chambers, and convicted murderer, Billy Coen, as the two must work together to survive a harrowing trek through a mysterious network of facilities, unearthing the secrets of a dangerous infection that is about to change the world forever. Resident Evil Zero also bears distinction for currently being completely exclusive to Nintendo platforms, until the launch of the HD remaster, and being the final game in the series to date to unfold in the classic overhead survival-horror style.

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