UPDATE: Completed stream, watch below!

The live stream has wrapped with nearly two full hours of gorgeous gameplay! Take a look by clicking here or watching below! (Skip ahead to the 15:30 mark when Brent begins the actual stream).

Watch live video from VenusZen on Twitch

Microsoft has always been very kind to Eggplante, and they’ve continued the trend by offering up the chance to stream Forza Motorsport 6 live for you. So here’s the deal:

On Saturday, September 5th, at approximately 10PM EST, our wonderful gaming, movies, and pizza editor (yes, he edits pizza sometimes) will be hosting some select chunks of Forza Motorsport 6 on his own Twitch.TV channel. We’ll embed the livestream if we can get it going, otherwise please head over to his channel at twitch.tv/venuszen!

For clarity: when we say Brent is going to be streaming the game, we don’t mean the publicly available demo, we mean parts of the full retail game, so don’t miss it!

In the meantime, head over to Twitch to check out his Until Dawn and Mega Man Legacy Collection archives, which each have some awesome commentary!


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