Nintendo casually announces Pikmin 4, confirms that it’s nearly complete

If you’re eager for a new installment in the Pikmin series, particularly following the huge success of Pikmin 3, which hit Wii U in 2013, then apparently, one is not far away! In fact, Nintendo casually confirmed today that, not only does Pikmin 4 exist, but it’s apparently almost done development at this point too, meaning that it will almost certainly release next year!

Pikmin - Gameplay 1

As usual, Nintendo’s panache for keeping secrets is alive and well with the surprisingly casual announcement of Pikmin 4, though Pikmin creator, Shigeru Miyamoto did previously hint to Eurogamer in July that he was working on a new game in the Pikmin series. This is the first official confirmation that the game is Pikmin 4 however, though rather curiously, Nintendo didn’t divulge which platform it would be on. One would assume that the game is coming to Wii U, especially considering that its development cycle is nearly complete, but might it actually be headed to 3DS this time? Perhaps the company may even wish to make it a high-profile New 3DS exclusive?

Another possibility however, albeit a more distant one, is that the game is being designed as one of the flagship titles of the company’s mysterious ‘new concept’ gaming platform, code-named ‘Nintendo NX’, which Nintendo will formally unveil at some point in 2016. Again, this is less likely, since the game probably wouldn’t be that far in development if it were coming to NX, but it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility. We already know that dev kits have gone around to certain game makers, who are at least aware of the platform’s confidential capabilities, after a slip-up by Square Enix during the announcement of Dragon Quest XI, which they let slip is in active consideration for the NX platform.Pikmin - Gameplay 2

Obviously, no gameplay or story details have yet come to light for Pikmin 4, including whether it will once again star new characters, reunite the triad of protagonists from Pikmin 3, or return to the perspective of original series hero, Captain Olimar. It’s assumed however that the series’ usual brand of action/real-time strategy hybrid gameplay will remain intact however, with players rallying diverse squads of adorable alien Pikmin to complete objectives in a hostile alien world, with limited resources. It’s also likely that another batch of new Pikmin will be introduced for the game as well.

If you’re partial to the Pikmin franchise, don’t forget as well that an Amiibo figure of Captain Olimar, from the Super Smash Bros. set, releases this Friday, September 11th, alongside several other figures. Olimar will be available at all major retailers, though likely in limited quantities, with no pre-orders on offer. First come, first served!

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