Film Title: The Bourne Supremacy

First pic of Matt Damon returning as Bourne surfaces

The first image of Matt Damon returning as Jason Bourne next year has surfaced on Twitter.

Executive producer of the new film, Frank Marshall, tweeted the photo yesterday morning, saying “BOURNE is back!” And he certainly is. There is no doubt that Damon has been training for the return to this role, and in the photo, he’s in for a classic raw Bourne-style fight.

The Bourne series has some of our absolute favourite films of all time (seriously, we made a list back in 2012), and this movie is shaping up to be quite the follow-up.

Marshall and Damon have also told the press in the past that this movie is not a reboot of the series, nor is it a sequel to Jeremy Renner spin-off The Bourne Legacy. Both films exist in the same universe and have ever-so-slightly intertwining stories, though they remain largely separate experiences.

The as-yet-unnamed Bourne hits theatres in 2016.