TGS 2015: Gravity Rush remaster and sequel coming to PlayStation 4 next year

It’s been a while since Sony has made any serious movement with their new Gravity Rush franchise, which was billed as a prospective killer app for their financially struggling PlayStation Vita handheld back in 2012. At their Tokyo Game Show briefing this year however, Sony finally drew back the veil on some new Gravity Rush games!… For PlayStation 4. This includes a PlayStation 4 remaster of the original Gravity Rush, which a Korean ratings board recently leaked, and an all-new sequel, tentatively titled ‘Gravity Rush 2‘.

GR - Promo ArtPlayStation Vita enthusiasts might be disappointed that the franchise has jumped ship, and is now operating exclusively on Sony’s console, not their handheld, but that’s certainly better than Sony simply neglecting the Gravity Rush IP entirely. While the keynote proper only discussed the release plans for Japan, Sony later updated the PlayStation Blog to confirm when we can expect at least the Gravity Rush remaster for PlayStation 4 to head to the West.

Japan will get the PlayStation 4 version of Gravity Rush first, where the series is actually known as Gravity Daze, on December 10th of this year. Japan will also be getting a special Collector’s Edition of Gravity Daze to themselves, which appears to include a figurine of protagonist, Kat. North America meanwhile will get the PlayStation 4 remaster of Gravity Rush on February 9th of next year, with Europe receiving the game the next day, on February 10th. The PlayStation 4 remaster will include all of the former DLC packs for the original PlayStation Vita game for free, the Spy Pack, Maid Pack and Military Pack, and will be developed by Bluepoint Games. The PlayStation 4 re-release will also be titled ‘Gravity Rush Remastered‘ in the West, and promises improved native 1080p resolution, and enhanced performance over the PlayStation Vita original.GR - Collector's Edition

Sony was more mum on the sequel, confirming that it exists, and is headed to PlayStation 4, but it appears that they’re not ready to share details yet. It seems that the sequel is releasing worldwide in 2016 however, not just in Japan.

Gravity Rush is a gravity-defying action game with light RPG elements, where players assume the role of Kat, a young girl who has lost her memory. Teaming up with a mysterious black cat, Kat defends the floating city of Hekseville from an impending storm, and a flurry of monsters that come with it.

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