TGA 2015: Telltale delays The Walking Dead: Michonne to 2016

As promised, Telltale shed some more light on their highly anticipated offshoot to their adventure game series inspired by The Walking Dead at The Game Awards tonight, The Walking Dead: Michonne. This was rounded off by some bad news however, confirming the suspicion that the three-episode game’s premiere has been delayed to 2016.

TWD - Gameplay 1On the bright side however, the first episode for The Walking Dead: Michonne was given a premiere window of February, so we won’t have to wait too long for it. The game also got its first reveal of gameplay, which is said to shed light on Michonne’s mysterious journey away from her crew of survivors, between Image Comics’ The Walking Dead #126 and The Walking Dead #139. Michonne was also confirmed to be voiced by Orange is the New Black actress, Samira Wiley, who portrays Poussey Washington on the highly popular Netflix series. Danai Gurira normally portrays Michonne, on AMC’s wildly beloved The Walking Dead television series, though Wiley’s voiceover is likely to help cement that the game is about the comic book incarnation of Michonne, not the television incarnation.

The Walking Dead: Michonne is set to release on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS, and Android.

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