PSX 2015: Ace Combat 7 announced for PlayStation 4, will feature VR support

One of the lesser-known, but undeniably loved Bandai Namco game properties is Ace Combat, a flight simulator series that is observing its 20th anniversary this year. To commemorate the occasion, Bandai Namco took the stage at this year’s PlayStation Experience keynote, and announced Ace Combat 7, the latest all-new entry in the series, which is in development for PlayStation 4!

AC7 - Promo Art 2The game was given a reveal trailer, which showed off some dogfighting sequences, as well as a man about to dive off of a tall tower. It didn’t say much about the gameplay, though Bandai Namco has assured that the game will provide an arsenal of ultra-modern super-weapons for players to take advantage of, as well as the formidable foes that the Ace Combat series prides itself upon.

Ace Combat 7 will pack in a campaign mode, and an online multiplayer component, though most exciting of all is the fact that the game will support PlayStation VR! Bandai Namco didn’t go into much detail about how this will work, though it will likely be an ultra-immersive way to play the game, with head-tracking and motion controls, as well as a fully-immersed view in your fighter cockpit.

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