PSX 2015: Double Fine is making a Psychonauts game for PlayStation VR

It seems like only yesterday that Psychonauts was a forgotten classic in the Double Fine catalogue, doomed to be loved, but never truly revisited for all eternity. That all changed at The Game Awards this week, with the colossal announcement that Psychonauts 2 is finally starting development, and will seek crowdfunding on Fig. Even before that however, the Psychonauts series is planning a return, and it will come just in time for PlayStation VR!

Psychonauts - GameplaySpeaking at the PlayStation Experience keynote today, Double Fine boss, Tim Schafer announced a brand new Psychonauts game, designed exclusively for PlayStation VR. That game is Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin, a puzzle-focused game that will serve as an interquel between Psychonauts and Psychonauts 2, and will resolve the cliffhanger ending from the original Psychonauts, with Raz and his crew rescuing Lili’s father, Truman Zanotto. Psychonauts 2, which is scheduled for a 2018 release meanwhile, will then pick up with an all-new story, with Raz finally becoming a full-fledged Psychonaut. Schafer also confirmed that Psychonauts 2 is indeed being planned for release on PlayStation 4, though obviously didn’t divulge any other prospective platforms that the game may come to.

Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin will obviously follow a different gameplay style than the main Psychonauts games. It will have a heavy emphasis on mind-swapping, with Raz psychologically taking control of other people and forces to solve puzzles, navigate obstacles, and proceed ahead. The game will also utilize other abilities, such as pyrokinesis, telekinesis, and a few other abilities that Double Fine is keeping secret for now.

Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin currently has no concrete release information, but keep sensing Eggplante for all news and updates on Psychonauts.