PSX 2015: Yakuza 5 arrives this Tuesday, Yakuza Zero officially releasing in North America

PlayStation has made a concentrated effort to, “Grow the list” recently, whereupon they gauge fan feedback for the kind of games that people would like to see on PlayStation platforms. Among the most demanded of these projects are localizations of the Yakuza games, with Yakuza being a huge console gaming franchise in its native Japan (it is virtually Japan’s equivalent of Grand Theft Auto for the Land of the Rising Sun), though having a smaller cult following in the West.

Yakuza Zero - GameplayWell, good news for Yakuza fans who are eager to take Kazuma Kiryu to the streets again! Yakuza 5, which originally launched for PlayStation 3 in Japan all the way back in 2012, is finally coming to the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 owners in North America this coming Tuesday, December 8th! The game is distinct amongst Yakuza games for its multiple player characters in an especially large story, and unfolds across five separate locales within Japan. Yakuza 5 is currently available to pre-order on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 owners, and will cost $39.99 after launch, though can currently be reserved at a slight discount, for $33.99.

There is more good news for Yakuza fans in the West as well. Yakuza Zero, the series prequel that saw release in Japan earlier this year, will also be coming West, in 2016! The PlayStation 4-exclusive prequel stars different characters than usual protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu, as it takes place in December of 1988, though still unfolds within the series’ usual setting of Kamurocho.

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