The CW is clearly over the moon with welcoming Supergirl into their fold of DC shows, and they’ve wasted no time developing some big plans for its shift from CBS. Biggest among these is the announcement that Supergirl will be a part of the network’s traditional DC crossover event in December. In fact, said crossover event will be the biggest in television history by the sounds of things, even beyond DC, as Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl will all see their characters team up in an enormous spectacle! Should tradition hold from the duo of crossovers between Arrow and The Flash to come before (the one from this season also served as a prologue for Legends of Tomorrow before its midseason debut), that means that the crossover will be a massive four-night event, unfolding across almost the entire selection of weekdays in one particular December week!

DC - ArtSpeaking a bit about the crossover, CW president, Mark Pedowitz re-affirmed that it will be the, “Biggest ever” event on television, let alone on The CW. Pedowitz also talked a bit about how the move to The CW may affect Supergirl, or perhaps how it won’t, since Pedowitz assured that the show’s tone will be unchanged on its new network. That means that those who enjoyed the especially light-hearted, optimistic tone of Season One don’t have to worry about a big shift in that style during Season Two. Don’t worry, Kara won’t be going dark or anything of the sort.

The question remains however whether Supergirl will remain in its own self-contained parallel universe now that it’s on The CW, where it stood during a CBS-hosted crossover episode with The Flash from this past March, or whether it will be fully inducted into the shared DC Television Universe inhabited by Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. The crossover event does seem to suggest that the Supergirl universe will be merged with those of The CW’s other three DC shows in some fashion, though this remains unconfirmed for now. Pedowitz instead candidly commented that Supergirl, “Should have been on The CW in the first place.” That’s not a jab at parent network, CBS however, but instead, an expression of regret that Pedowitz initially rejected the series, back when it was pitched to him shortly after the launch of Arrow. After Supergirl was initially picked up for CBS last year, Pedowitz admitted in an interview that he felt that he’d made a mistake in rejecting the series, and had let fear get the better of him in that instance. As CBS’ executives claimed after their own Upfront announcements yesterday however, it’s a happy ending for Supergirl, since it’s finally found the right home.

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