E3plante! 2016

Seven years. Our eighth E3. Let’s do this.

In less than two weeks, we depart Toronto for Los Angeles for our annual excursion to the City of Angels and the mecca of video games (for that week, at least).

This year, in addition to our usual live coverage, we’ll have correspondents across the country reporting on everything about E3, video games, and entertainment. Brent, Erika, David, and I will be reporting the latest in the gaming scene, while we have a few surprise guest contributors make their way to Eggplante as well.

The main event of the week, E3 2016, takes place from June 14th through 16th, but the press conferences start even earlier, with Bethesda kicking off their event on Sunday, June 12th. Microsoft, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and Sony will follow with their own conferences on Monday, June 13th, while Nintendo holds a Treehouse Live @ E3 session on June 14th at 9AM Pacific Time.

As usual, we’ll host our full predictions closer to the show; expect our full rundown of what we’re looking forward to (and what we don’t think has even a chance at happening) next week! Until then, take a peel at our schedule for the show below, and keep heading back as we update it!

– E3: The Day Before
7PM – Bethesda Press Conference

– 9:30AM – Microsoft Media Briefing
– 12PM – EA Play Press Conference
– 3PM – Ubisoft Media Briefing
– 6PM – PlayStation Press Conference

– 9AM – Treehouse Live @ E3 (Zelda Premiere)
– 12PM – E3 2016 opens at the Los Angeles Convention Center
– Booth tours and interviews
– Hands-on gameplay sessions

– Booth tours and interviews
– Hands-on gameplay sessions

– Show wrap-up
– Booth tours and interviews
– Hands-on gameplay sessions
– 5PM – E3 2016 closes