E3 2016 lanyard confirms male and female Link in new Zelda?

Having just arrived in Los Angeles for E3 2016, we noticed something a bit peculiar about the lanyards used to hold media and attendee badges.

Nintendo once again dominates the lanyard (they’ve done so for the past near-decade, by our recollection), and this year celebrates everything to do with Zelda. One side of the lanyard shows off a wide range of titles in the franchise, while the other side clearly depicts the two versions of Link we’ve seen recently.

So does this confirm that the new Zelda art is actually pointing to a male or female Link in the new game? It certainly seems so when you put one half of the lanyard next to the other. Pay close attention to the shape of the eyes, the mouth, and the general roundness of Link’s face. They are definitely two different people. If it weren’t for the same outfit and those images from Nintendo of he/she riding the same horse, we’d think it were a different character altogether.


What do you think about the comparison? Does it make it more clear that these are two different Links? Or are they merely two different renditions of the same character? Let us know in the comments below, and on Facebook and Twitter!