UPDATE: Shortly after properly unveiling “Titanfall 2” during the EA Play conference today, EA has announced a Collector’s Edition for the game, which retails for a mean $249.99 USD. The Collector’s Edition will score you the Deluxe Edition of “Titanfall 2”, and also includes an 8GB dog tag-shaped flash drive, an aluminum-cased field journal, squad ‘morale patches’, a Vanguard shemagh scarf designed to protect against hostile alien environments, and a Vanguard pilot helmet replica with a light-up faceplate, and functional tactical accessories such as a spotlight and laser sight. The helmet is a 1:1 replica that can function as real headwear as well, and can be adjusted for multiple head sizes. Needless to say, this is a package meant explicitly for the most hardcore of “Titanfall” fans!

Original report follows:


Titanfall 2 has been mused about by EA well ahead of its intended launch, but at today’s EA Play press keynote, the mega-publisher properly unveiled the game. Along with the official announcement, EA also confirmed two additions to the sequel that dismayed fans should be very excited about; The game will be releasing for PlayStation 4, and, as rumoured (and later leaked), the game will feature an offline single-player campaign to go with its online multiplayer suite!

TF2 - LogoTitanfall 2’s offline story campaign will put you in the shoes of pilot, Jack Cooper, who will be accompanied by a sentient robot ally. Most of the story details are predictably being kept under wraps, but the game appears to maintain the fast-paced movement and white-knuckle soldiers-and-mechs first-person shooting that first drew a lot of positive attention to the first Titanfall. Along with new combat options with both soldiers and mechs, both the campaign and online multiplayer will add in a grappling hook mechanic, as rumours indicated, which will be useful for both navigation and getting a surprise drop on your targets.

The original Titanfall was well-received overall when it first released in 2014, but drew ire for being an online-only game that lacked a proper story campaign, as well as being a Microsoft exclusive that denied it release on Sony’s PlayStation consoles. Obviously, Titanfall 2 will still be coming to PC and Xbox One (the original also released for Xbox 360, but the sequel will not), though the addition of a PlayStation 4 port will surely increase the fanbase by a sizable margin.

Titanfall 2 is set to release on October 28th, 2016.

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