Prey 2 has been reborn as 2017 reboot, ‘Prey’

Among its cult fanbase, the aborted sequel to sci-fi first-person shooter, Prey, aptly titled ‘Prey 2‘, has been rumoured to linger within the walls of Bethesda, succeeding the original 2K Games as a publishing handler, with Bethesda allegedly wrestling the IP away from original developer, Human Head Studios. At Bethesda’s E3 conference tonight, we finally got official, definitive word however that Prey 2 is very much dead… But not the Prey IP!

Prey - GameplayAs some previous rumours indicated, Dishonored developer, Arkane Studios has been developing a new Prey game in secret. The game was announced for the first time at Bethesda’s E3 conference tonight, and will simply be titled ‘Prey‘, indicating that it’s meant to be a reboot, and one that will seemingly disregard the original 2006 game. A pre-rendered CG trailer was shown, as a man living in a futuristic society finds himself suffering from a persistent infection of unknown implications, seemingly related to a mysterious alien pathogen that wanders a spaceship. The alien pathogen and spaceship set seem to be nods to the original Prey from 2006, but beyond that, this new trailer, despite not really showing actual gameplay, really seems to suggest that Bethesda is starting very fresh with this IP, especially as Arkane seems to claim that this reboot will be a first-person ‘immersive game’, rather than a first-person shooter.

Very little is known about Prey at this time, but it will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC at some point in 2017.

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