Don’t expect the Xbox One S to come out right away

With all eyes on Microsoft as they are the first to take the stage for Monday’s round of E3 press conferences, there is a lot of speculation around what new hardware the company might unveil.

Of course, some of that hardware was leaked earlier today when we saw images of what is purported to be the Xbox One S.

The last major revisions of Xbox hardware–the Xbox 360 S and Xbox 360 E models–were released the same day they were unveiled, both of which were at E3 press conferences.

This year, however, with the first revision for Xbox One, don’t expect the console to become available on the same day it is announced.

Leaked images suggest that the new console will be available for pre-order when the announcement is officially made, and while there is still no way to guarantee the authenticity of the images, it’s hard to deny that they’re really great looking fakes if that’s what they are.


Because the redesigned hardware also sports brand new internals–namely for 4K video processing–as well as a “streamlined” controller, we’d expect the new revision of the Xbox One to be out closer to the holiday season, much like the timelines surrounding the announcement and release of the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller last year.

Are you expecting the Xbox One S to be announced and launched on the same day? It doesn’t make sense that it would happen given that the images mention pre-ordering the new machine, but perhaps that is for a release date next week, for example.

Perhaps the bigger question is what the price will be on the new machine, whether or not this model will replace the current Xbox One, and if the power brick is finally built into the console itself. Time will tell, and we have a feeling we’ll all find out in just a few hours time.