Grow Home sequel, Grow Up announced by Ubisoft

Grow Home was among Ubisoft’s most pleasant and adorable surprises for PC and PlayStation 4 last year, and developer, Ubisoft Reflections has wasted no time in continuing the story of the adorable robot, B.U.D. A follow-up to Grow Home, Grow Up, was thus unveiled at Ubisoft’s E3 conference this year.

GU - ArtGrow Up takes B.U.D. on a bigger and bolder journey, this time with an entire star system to play around in! The physics-based platformer sensibilities of the original game return, with B.U.D. now launching between planets with star flowers and flying on rockets as he finds his place without the protection of guardian A.I., M.O.M. It all looks incredibly charming, to say the least, and B.U.D. is as lovable a protagonist as ever by the look of the reveal trailer!

Best of all is that Grow Up is coming out rather soon as well, and will hit PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as soon as this August. This will mark the first time that one of these games has made it to Xbox One, since Grow Home is currently only available for computers and Sony’s console.

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